Short report out on one of my holdings

I just wanted to give a quick heads up that a short report is out on one of my holdings.

Quick thoughts are that there seem to be some merit to their claims, I dont think the company is a zero though. Just less profitable (or even loss making) than it appears if they are right. They dont seem to have been so fraudulent as that all sales are fake.

Also the company is listing in mainland China. Its very unusual for Chinese to “China hustle” their own mainland population. One thing is Hong Kong or US ADRs, but you are in deep trouble if you hustle the mainland population. So the report has some parts that are hard to believe.

4 thoughts to “Short report out on one of my holdings”

  1. thanks! 🙂 I wrote the English intro here:

    (it’s a wechat article, any issue please let me know; for a test, you may give me an interested industry or company (A share companies, industries currently defined by China “SEC”; I left my wechat account before, which you may add for further chat). Thanks again

  2. I made an AI software tool “deep learning” the financial reports and markets info of public listed companies (current access to 3800+ A share companies), which can identify candiate suspicious and “outstanding” companies. Also several little statistic tools for use. If you are interested, I can make a English version intro for you 🙂

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