Rottneros – the SEK winner

As i mentioned in the previous post I have taken a position of 5% of my fund in Rottneros mainly because of the weakening SEK. Sitting on the beach (yes my life is hard) I was not in a position to write a full analysis, so here it is.

Rottneros at a glance:

  • MCAP: 1 234 million SEK
  • Shares Outstanding: 153.4 million
  • Largest Shareholder – Arctic Paper 51% of shares outstanding which in-turn is majority owned by Thomas Onstad.
  • P/E 7.5
  • P/B 1.13


Simple company to understand

The company run two pulp mills located in Rottneros and in Vallvik in northern and middle part of Sweden. Because it is a debt free small company, running two pulp mill plants it’s also easy to understand the drivers of profitability and risk. It’s cash flows depend on a few variables so I will try to map out the main components that determines the value of Rottneros business. The below picture describes the full production process Rottneros is involved in.

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