My starting Portfolio

Without further ado, here is my starting portfolio which goes live with closing prices as of Friday March 18:

NameCurrencyCurrent WeightReturnTrailing P/EP/E EstYield
SAS PrefSEK12%0%9.4%
Highpower InternationalUSD8%0%7.6
Yuexiu TransportationHKD7%0%
Coslight TechnologyHKD6%0%38.7
Zhengtong AutoHKD6%0%

13 stocks and 8% cash position ready for adding 1-2 stocks from my Watchlist, which you will find also in the Portfolio page.

I will spend up-coming posts to introduce the stocks in my portfolio. Also from now on, I will start to update monthly the portfolio performance and changes to the portfolio. You can always find the latest Portfolio and my current Watchlist under the tab in the menu on the top.

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SAFT Groupe – a battery specialist

Batteries are all around us. Many of the batteries are advanced, going into electronics like our smartphones and laptops, where we care about high performance. Others are cheaper batteries where performance is not as important due to easy access to charging/replacement, like toys, car batteries etc. What is emerging is the need for large sets of high performing batteries for our Tesla’s and other upcoming EVs. But there are also other more niche areas where high performance and/or safety and reliability is of utmost importance. In this space I have found one French listed company, SAFT Groupe. My investment thesis is based on the fact that battery technology reached a point where they can take over conventional petrol based products also in other areas than just cars and buses.

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